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Uncle Henry's Maine Classified AdsWhen you are looking to buy  or ready to sell something, if you are like many Maine and New Hampshire residents, you’re looking for Uncle Henry’s Classifieds. Famous in northern New England – Uncle Henry’s Guide is Maine’s local resource for stuff. It’s more than a Want Ad rag or a boring Classified section from the newspaper, there is nothing quite like “Uncle Henry’s”. Read about the history of Maine’s resource to buy, sell, swap or trade. To place a Classified Ad in ME Living, visit ClassifiedAdNet. Please share your comments.

Uncle Henry’s Weekly Classifieds

It was more than four decades ago when Uncle Henry’s Guide – Maine’s Swap or Sell Guide, hit the marketplace. The pocket sized magazine let downeast Mainers place an ad for free and the popularity of this informative little bargain book caught on quickly! Uncle Henry’s Guide no longer lets anyone place an ad without first registering. The Uncle Henry’s Guide is now distributed throughout northern New England, Massachusetts, and New Brunswick, Canada and is for sale at many convenience stores, supermarkets, and auto parts stores.

This classified ad magazine is about the size of TV GUIDE but not nearly as colorful or pretty. Every week Uncle Henry’s is packed with fresh classified ads. Ads that tell a story and paint a picture. Many readers purchase Uncle Henry’s, not because they are looking to buy a particular item, but rather to browse the classified ads for entertainment, and the chance of finding a real downeast bargain.

Uncle Henry’s was founded by Henry Faller, of Rockland Maine, in 1969. It was Faller’s idea to charge a nickel for the magazine, but then allow readers to run one classified ad for free, using the form on the magazine’s back page. As with most of life, things change and so has much but not all at Uncle Henry’s. Pick up a copy and find out more about Maine’s original Buy, Sell, Swap or Trade Classified Ad Guide.

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